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Are you looking for a versatile note taking app for your IPad or Mac computer?    If so, Notability might be the tool that you are looking for.  Notability enhances note taking and organization skills for both instructors and students.

I use Notability several times each week during meetings, in the classroom and when attending conferences.  Notability allows me to take my notes in an electronic format and then upload them to my “cloud” files.  Furthermore, Notability allows users to add hand written or typed notes, insert images and record audio.  I no longer have mounds of paper when I leave conferences or meetings.  I can easily retrieve my note files from my computer or hand held devices.  Having cloud access to all my note files allows me to retrieve information anywhere and anytime.

In the classroom environment, I post my PowerPoint note slides for students to access during class.  Some of my students utilize Notability to take notes during my class lectures.  As a result, I have experienced an increase in student note taking in my classes.  The electronic note taking options allow students an alternative to manual note taking.  This is especially helpful to those students who have poor handwriting skills.  Furthermore, I have utilized Notability to convert the overhead projector into an electronic whiteboard for classroom instruction.  Notability, with an overhead projector, makes it easy to annotate course note slides during class for students to view.

In addition, Notability documents are sharable and you can easily integrate your notes to and from Dropbox, One Note, Evernote and Google Drive.  The cost for the Notability app from the ITunes app store is $7.99 and it is supported by Ginger Labs.  Begin using Notability today to increase your productivity and organization skills.  For more information visit

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