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Google Drive was recently featured as one of the Google Suite of apps that could be utilized to facilitate collaboration.  This month we will look at another Google Suite tool (Google Forms), which can be used for assessment, group projects and other course management activities.  Google Forms is simple to set-up and easily customized.  A Google Form link can be shared via email, social media (Google+, Twitter, Facebook), or embedded on a website, blog or learning management system.  Google Forms even allows multiple collaborators if desired.

Getting started with Google Forms is as simple as 1, 2, 3.  First, select Start a New Form.  Next create a poll or question title and description.  Finally, select the type of question, than enter the question and answer(s).  Google Forms offers several different question options, including short answer, paragraph, multiple choice, checkboxes, dropdowns, linear scale, and multiple choice grid.  Form questions can be randomly shuffled if desired.  Questions can also be stacked, requiring respondents to answer before the next question is presented.  Images and videos can also be added to Google Form questions, making activities engaging and interactive.

With regard to the available response settings, Google Forms offers options which include who can respond, the number of responses allowed, response tracking, new response notifications, and response submission messages.  Google Forms can be utilized for quick, real-time class assessments, such as Checking the Pulse or creating an Exit Ticket.  It can also be used for extended type survey needs, such as polling activities involving distance learners.  Additionally, Google Forms can be used for classroom management activities such as, collecting student Day One Information, Attendance Tracking, Group Project Management, Group/Self Evaluations, Student To Do Check Lists and Grading Rubrics.  Google Forms can even be used like a response buzzer when collecting student responses from gamification activities such as Jeopardy Exam Reviews.

For more information about Google Forms or to set up a Google Forms activity, visit:


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