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Are you looking for a technology tool to organize student portfolios or group projects? Evernote could be the perfect solution for you. Evernote Basic is free and is a great place to begin using the essential features of Evernote for students to organize course projects and documents into one easy to access location. Evernote syncs everything across your devices, so you and your students always have the information that is needed at hand.

Evernote Basic allows students to keep their work organized. Students can write and collect ideas in notes, group notes in notebooks, and easily share their work with other students and instructors. Students have the ability to share, collaborate and discuss in real time with group project members without switching apps. Furthermore, everything in Evernote instantly syncs across any computer or smart phone that you and your students use.

In addition, several education disciplines require student portfolios to demonstrate achieved competencies. Evernote allows students to share their portfolios with instructors, program evaluators, and potential employers. Students can gain an edge on attaining a job by sharing their portfolio with a potential employer during the interview process.

Begin using Evernote for free today and evolve your classroom document sharing capabilities to the next level. For more information visit https://evernote.com/


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