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Socrative is a free polling application, which allows you to poll your students and track the results.  Socrative is easy to use and customize.  Polling questions can be created in various formats, including multiple choice, true-false, short answer or open-ended responses.  Instructors can use Socrative to gauge a student’s basic understanding or assess higher levels of learning, such as the student’s ability to analyze concepts.  Socrative delivers real-time results and reports can be processed by individual students, the entire class or by question.     One of the best benefits of using Socrative as a polling application is its compatibility with numerous devices and browsers.  Students can find Socrative apps for  IOS, Android, Chrome and Kindle, plus it  works with all browsers.

While I typically use other polling devices for quick “Check the Pulse” activities in my classes, when I want to track results by student; Socrative is a fantastic tool.  For more information about Socrative or to sign up for your free account, go to:

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