Connect with your Future You

Have you ever attended a conference and noted several great take-aways; however, once you get back to your normal routine, you find yourself not implementing anything?  Markus and I had this same experience at one time.  In order to solve the problem, we started focusing on just one or two of the best take-aways we found at each conference.  But what about those other ideas?   While we can’t try or implement every idea at once, we don’t want to forget about any idea that might improve our courses, right?

Markus and I have found two applications that can solve this problem.  FutureMe ( and LetterMeLater ( allow you to email yourself now with a future delivery date.  While you are still at a conference or in a meeting, simply use one of these applications to email yourself a future To Do List.  For example:  You are attending a conference and you want to focus on trying several new technology tools or teaching methods.
Use FutureMe or LetterMeLater to simply send yourself separate emails for each of your take-aways and then stagger the delivery dates for each email.   You now have an easy reminder system in place that gives you the ability to try or implement one idea at a time.  LetterMeLater also allows you to send reoccurring emails if you want to break up tasks or projects into smaller, more manageable pieces.

To get started using FutureMe or LetterMeLater, sign up for the free version at or


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