Have you ever wished you could create a quick video? Maybe to answer a student’s email? If so, check out Screenchomp by Tech Smith (the company that brought you Camtasia).  Screenchomp is a free screencasting app that lets you turn your iPad into an electronic whiteboard. Whether you want to annotate a single background slide or simply use the whiteboard feature, Screenchomp is an easy way to create short, informal videos that don’t require editing.

Since Screenchomp video files are saved in an MP4 format, they are easy to share.  Markus and I have found that in the time it takes us to prepare a written response to student questions by email, we can create a brief video explanation instead.

I also recommend Screenchomp to my students as a technology tool they can use for virtual collaboration.  Several of my students have used this app to create asynchronous study groups with their classmates.

For more information about Screenchomp watch the video at the following link: or contact us at

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